Meetings are held in the Project Open office at 180 West End Avenue, ground floor.

The SOCIAL ACTION COMMITTEE is a group of volunteer residents of Lincoln Towers who are dedicated to doing projects which
improve the quality of life at Lincoln Towers and in the larger community. Some of our past, ongoing and upcoming projects include:

*ELECTRONICS RECYCLING, now replaced by city-mandated program with collection bin in each building

    *Installation of textile recycling bins in Lincoln Towers’ buildings.

    *A paper shredding event, once or twice each year, to safely dispose of important documents.

    *Improvement of crosswalk lights to improve street crossing safety around Lincoln Towers.

    *A forum on recycling (paper, plastic, glass etc)

Look for signs posted in Lincoln Towers’ buildings announcing our meetings.

For information or to volunteer contact:
    Mary Ellen Cronly, Chair
    Telephone: 212-787-5499

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